Naples homewatch and concierge services

your Home Manager will monitor all aspect of your home…
-supervise any maintenance-repairs-
maintain a log, schedule and get competitive bids of all your day to day home needs…….
-Pest control
-cleaning services
-plus any additional services as required by you and your home


here is a list of concierge service provided:
1- Personal shopping
2- Opening and closing of property
3- House cleaning
4- Contractor/handyman supervision
5- Hurricane readiness and inspection
6- Deliveries
6- Entertainment Planning
7- Airport services (link here)
8- Dinner reservations and Limo services(link here)
9- Golf trips
A complete visual inspection of the
     Exterior  -Walls-roof
                   Lawn-landscaping-irrigation system
                   Pool-mail box-deliveries
     Interior    -Thermostats-humidstats
                    Security system-electrical panel
                    Run water-flush toilets-check for any leaks
                    Mold-Mildew-insect infestation
                    start cars-check on cleaning services
an email will be send to you after every inspection……